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Brian Fahrlander brian at fahrlander.net
Tue Aug 21 18:15:02 UTC 2007

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Ray wrote:
>     Folks. I'm trying HARD to move from FC6 to Ubuntu. Stopper is
> sendmail. Did sendmailconfig, got it working, receiving mail just fine.
> BUT! In the past, I have been plagued with spammers sending email to
> blah-blah at mydomain.com. When this bounces, it goes to an innocent
> victim. Uh, No. So, I set access.db to silently discard these. Not RFC
> compliant, but, it works for me. On Ubuntu, it seems like the access.db
> is being ignored. In /etc/mail, I say "make access.db" and it replies
> that it updates the .db. But it doesn't DISCARD! I checked the .mc, and
> feature access.db IS turned on. Tailing the log, I see these bounce,
> instead of discard and tests show that they do. What's the problem,
> here? Thanks, Ray

    Still no response; I guess I'll chime in.  I used to use Sendmail
during ALL my time with Redhat; I got reasonably good at it, though,
like Emacs or LDAP, it's a deep subject.

    I'm guessing you're using Spamassassin?  That's probably the better
place to have it "eat" a message that's over, say, 3.0 in spam score. I
might be able to find an instance of this still in place, if you'd like
me to look.

    Long term, there's (somehow) less 'scary' about learning Postfix,
than there was about learning Sendmail.  They're very similar in duty,
but administration of Postfix sure seems a world easier.  The only thing
that Postfix can't be made to do 'cleaner' is the case of email going to
a program; it seems you need the 'transport' mechanism to do that.  But
speaking as a guy like you, coming from the Redhat world to Ubuntu, it's
not all that bad.  And, I'd be able to help you with it more, should you
decide to change over.   Just keep my address handy; as long as I'm
able, I'm happy to help.

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