Ubuntu and sendmail

Ray ray at raymondjones.net
Tue Aug 21 11:37:22 UTC 2007

    Folks. I'm trying HARD to move from FC6 to Ubuntu. Stopper is
sendmail. Did sendmailconfig, got it working, receiving mail just fine.
BUT! In the past, I have been plagued with spammers sending email to
blah-blah at mydomain.com. When this bounces, it goes to an innocent
victim. Uh, No. So, I set access.db to silently discard these. Not RFC
compliant, but, it works for me. On Ubuntu, it seems like the access.db
is being ignored. In /etc/mail, I say "make access.db" and it replies
that it updates the .db. But it doesn't DISCARD! I checked the .mc, and
feature access.db IS turned on. Tailing the log, I see these bounce,
instead of discard and tests show that they do. What's the problem,
here? Thanks, Ray

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