Check out this email....[Fwd: The next big thing for websites]

Derek Broughton news at
Sun Aug 19 23:58:25 UTC 2007

Wade Smart wrote:

> 08192007 1813 GMT-6 DST
> I dont know. I know right now its not accessible from another computer.
> But if you look at the screen on localhost it says the url so its got
> its hooks in the system. Im doing a full system scan for that url in any
> file to see if its done something.
> I dont understand how it did it but to me, this is a problem.

LOL.  It _is_ a little scary until you see what really happened.  Try
opening the URL with wget (or you could just use nslookup on the host, but
it's not as interesting). has an IP of - so it's always going to resolve to
your system.  There's nothing here to be afraid of, move along folks :-)

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