Check out this email....[Fwd: The next big thing for websites]

charlie derr cderr at
Mon Aug 20 00:56:23 UTC 2007

Derek Broughton wrote:

> LOL.  It _is_ a little scary until you see what really happened.  Try
> opening the URL with wget (or you could just use nslookup on the host, but
> it's not as interesting).
> has an IP of - so it's always going to resolve to
> your system.  There's nothing here to be afraid of, move along folks :-)

I confess that is pretty nifty.  Interestingly enough I get 3 different behaviors with respect to that "special" address on 3 different 0Ss.

If i try to ping from a freeBSD machine, I get a ping return from the Layer 3 switch on the network it's plugged into (the 
gateway address).  On a debian linux machine I get a ping return from localhost.  On windows XP pro I get:  "Destination specified is 
invalid." and no ping attempt actually seems to be sent towards

	for whatever it's worth,

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