thunderbird won't wrap text

ben miller wheelscribe at
Sun Aug 19 17:24:44 UTC 2007

Jeroen T. Bezemer wrote:

> if it were set in multi-columns it would be ok, but this way is not nice 
> for the eyes :-( it gives me just 1/3 of the window-witdh)
> My thunderbird just wraps whenever i write long lines that go beyond the 
> right side of the page, so this line is wrapped just after that last 
> 'is', and after the message is send to the list, the line is wrapped at 
> 72 or something, but when send to myself (bcc), the message is wrapped 
> just at the right side of the window, so there are different wrappings 
> at work.
> anyway, the message-writing always just nicely wraps at the window-size.

Yeah, that is ugly. I'm trying again with the width not set to anything. That seems to resolve the problem, too. 

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