thunderbird won't wrap text

Jeroen T. Bezemer jbezemer at
Sun Aug 19 17:18:43 UTC 2007

ben miller wrote:
> I seem to have found a cure. If I set 
> text to wrap at 40 it looks readable in 
> my composition window. Let me know if it 
> means my message looks horribly 
> formatted on the reader's end.
> == ben
if it were set in multi-columns it would be ok, but this way is not nice 
for the eyes :-( it gives me just 1/3 of the window-witdh)
My thunderbird just wraps whenever i write long lines that go beyond the 
right side of the page, so this line is wrapped just after that last 
'is', and after the message is send to the list, the line is wrapped at 
72 or something, but when send to myself (bcc), the message is wrapped 
just at the right side of the window, so there are different wrappings 
at work.
anyway, the message-writing always just nicely wraps at the window-size.

Regards, Groeten, etc...

Jeroen Bezemer
Baanhoek 271

51N49.441, 4E44.656

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