LDAP, ActiveDirectory and the death of Linux at corporate

Donald D Henson wepin at wepin.com
Wed Aug 15 17:25:35 UTC 2007

Brian Fahrlander wrote:
>      I just 'enjoyed' telling my contractor-boss that "If you're not 
> going to rely on the Linux server for email (using Exchange instead for 
> the reminders,etc) and you're not using it to serve files (cause they 
> don't need it) and the on-site tech is windows-based, why is that 
> machine there?".
>      Microsoft came in through the front door, but it squeezes out 
> competition by the darkened side-streets, and climbing in metaphorical 
> windows. (Pardon the pun)
>      The contractor has been telling me he wants to support Linux, but 
> in this little low-tech town, while the Windows business keeps climbing, 
> we've added only three other Linux clients.  His first offering, though 
> he refuses to admit it) is always a Windows jail.
>      If we can't get up some kind of people-organizer, more of these 
> sites will fall to Exchange.  If we can't get our collective asses 
> organized, ActiveDirectory will eat our LDAP ambitions.
>      I've tried getting in touch with the two main LDAP-centric 
> community pages; there must be some mechanism to find them than I've 
> tried. The LDAP sub-community is bottle-necked, adhering to one vendor's 
> layout or another....when all we need to begin is our _own_ layout that 
> will authenticate for us.
>      Why is nothing happening on this part?  Can anyone clue me? I know 
> LDAP seems "hard"...but it's not that bad.  Deciding how to layout the 
> data (with all it's flexibility) is the hard part.  We can fix this; we 
> don't have to stand-down and let Microsoft roll right over us...
>      If you're interested in LDAP in any way, please contact me.
I'm interested and have been thinking of trying my hand at implementing
LDAP on my small home network (two workstations and a
server/workstation. However, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to
LDAP. I'd love to observe and would be willing to do some "newbie
testing" of the type, "Would a newbie understand these instructions or
is there too much jargon in there"? I've also done a fair amount of
unofficial tech editing in my time. Let me know if I can be of any help.

Don Henson

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