LDAP, ActiveDirectory and the death of Linux at corporate

Brian Fahrlander brian at fahrlander.net
Wed Aug 15 18:59:05 UTC 2007

Donald D Henson wrote:

>>      If you're interested in LDAP in any way, please contact me.
> I'm interested and have been thinking of trying my hand at implementing
> LDAP on my small home network (two workstations and a
> server/workstation. However, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to
> LDAP. I'd love to observe and would be willing to do some "newbie
> testing" of the type, "Would a newbie understand these instructions or
> is there too much jargon in there"? I've also done a fair amount of
> unofficial tech editing in my time. Let me know if I can be of any help.

    Well, see? This is perfect; I'm in the middle of the thing, someone 
who hasn't identified himself is at the top with the "proper" use of all 
these 'shemas' and 'ObjectClasses', but if we hang together to make 
something work, we should draw the ire of a top guy by doing it 'wrong'.


     It's fabulous; I'm happy for your help. It'll only take a handful 
of us, in total, to get the ball rolling!

     Thank you so much!

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