Now: How do i change permissions | Fixed: does ubuntu support floppy drives anymore?

Rob Wilkes wilkerob at
Sat Aug 4 14:41:09 UTC 2007

cj wrote:

 > Actually, i found where the device was. it was:
 > /dev/disk/by-id/usb-MITSUMI_MITSUMI_USB_FDD

 > (i am using a Mitsumi floppy drive just FYI eventhough that doesnt
 > partain the problem)

OK, the solution I found was for a problem with internal floppies rather 
than usb drives, so no good.

 > anyways, i can mount it and so on and so on, now the question is, how do
 > i change the permissions so that i dont have to be root to add/remove
 > files from the drive?

 > i tried changing the permissions through the GUI in root mode (i logged
 > out, switched into run mode 1, ran sudo startx and logged in as root)

 > I attempted to change the permissions from there, but it wouldnt change
 > them. it would revert to the previous permissions where only the rout to
 > do anything on this drive.

 > How do i change this

If you can't "sudo konqueror", navigate to the mounted drive, 
right-click and change permissions that way, I'm afraid I don't now. Be 
interested to learn, though, if someone has the answer!

Best wishes,



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