does ubuntu support floppy drives anymore?

Rob Wilkes wilkerob at
Fri Aug 3 15:52:09 UTC 2007


I've not used KDE for ages but I imagine you could substitute 
"konqueror" for "nautilus" in the text file, which you could create in 
KDE's text editor in place of GEdit and that there's a way in KDE to 
make the text file executable(?). Then you'd just need to make the KDE 
panel's version of an application launcher ...

I'm not sure, though, whether this is a solution to a bug in Nautilus 
(in which case it won't help you) or in Feisty generally (in which case 
it might?)

We need some more expert input, I think!

Best wishes,



 > 2) Click the "New" button and type:
 > >
 > > 	pmount /dev/fd0;
 > > 	nautilus /media/floppy0
 > >
 > >
im running Kubuntu so i dont have gedit (which i could probably
apt-get), nor do i have nautilus installed.


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