GRUB "Error 22"

Chanchao custom at
Tue Sep 26 02:16:10 UTC 2006

Well that's helpful.

Try to boot up after removing Ubuntu and it just comes up as

"GRUB loading, please wait"
Error 22

Then nothing.

Note: I know perfectly well why this happens, Grub installs on the 
Ubuntu partition and when that gets removed, the computer doesn't start 

So, understandable, but not acceptable.  Especially the short, cryptic 
and unhelpful error message.   I know there's not a whole lot of space 
for all of Grub's fanciness in the MBR itself, but surely there's space 
for a message like:

"Your linux partition has been removed. This means the Grub boot manager 
cannot start.  To correct this problem you will need to boot from your 
Operating System Installation CD.  If your operating system is MS 
Windows, then boot the Windows Installation CD. You do still have your 
Windows Install CD don't you?  And you actually do have a CD drive in 
your computer, otherwise you're truly up crap's creek without a CD 
drive. Anyway, please boot from the Windows installation CD, start up in 
Recovery mode, then enter the commands 'FixMBR' and 'FixBoot'.  That 
should take care of things.  Sad to see you go."


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