GRUB "Error 22"

Ouattara Oumar Aziz wattazoum at
Tue Sep 26 11:23:42 UTC 2006

Chanchao :
> Well that's helpful.
> Try to boot up after removing Ubuntu and it just comes up as
> "GRUB loading, please wait"
> Error 22
> Then nothing.
Question : what do you mean by removing Ubuntu ? As far as I know there 
is no way to cleanly remove Ubuntu (or any distribution ). By cleanly, I 
mean *uninstall*.

> So, understandable, but not acceptable.  Especially the short, cryptic 
> and unhelpful error message.   I know there's not a whole lot of space 
> for all of Grub's fanciness in the MBR itself, but surely there's space 
> for a message like:
> "Your linux partition has been removed. This means the Grub boot manager 
> cannot start.  To correct this problem you will need to boot from your 
> Operating System Installation CD.  If your operating system is MS 
> Windows, then boot the Windows Installation CD. You do still have your 
> Windows Install CD don't you?  And you actually do have a CD drive in 
> your computer, otherwise you're truly up crap's creek without a CD 
> drive. Anyway, please boot from the Windows installation CD, start up in 
> Recovery mode, then enter the commands 'FixMBR' and 'FixBoot'.  That 
> should take care of things.  Sad to see you go."
> Chanchao
Actually I think that your problem here is not GRUB, but it's the way 
you removed your distro (Ubuntu) . What you want is an Ubuntu uninstaller.
Sometimes, users create a */boot* partition. So even after removing 
Ubuntu like you did, grub would launch. In that case, after removing 
Ubuntu, Grub can't get to the conclusion that *Your linux partition has 
been removed.*

Well, What I want to say here is that your problem comes from your 
*Ubuntu removing policy* .

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