Best python editor ???

Constantine Evans constantine at
Sat Sep 23 00:05:48 UTC 2006

Waqas Toor wrote:
> Hi ubuntuers ..
> i am just a newbie to python and want to jump on it. now as i am a C#
> and Java programmer i was just curious if python has some mature
> editor i mean with runtime docs and intellisense like Jbuilder ,
> eclipse or ... is there any editor available ??? i mean a light weight
> editor ... with these functionalities or atleast intellisense enabled
> ????
> i know about blue fish ... but i wanted a multi plateform editor
> because i have to test on both envs ... i mean on linux and windows
> any suggestions ???
> P.S intellisense is a must

Asking about editors for programming in Unix is a bit like asking people
about what religion they think is best.

That said, you should try Vim 7.0 (you probably want GVim). It now has
Intellisense-like completion which works with a variety of languages,
including Python, though I have never used it.

It is also lightweight, and highly multiplatform - it runs on Unix, DOS,
Windows (3.1 and up, and CE), AmigaOS, OS/2, Mac OS X and Classic, a
bunch of PDA OS's, OpenVMS, and a few others. Vim is installed by
default in nearly all Linux distributions, and in OSX 10.3.


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