Editing the GRUB

Constantine Evans constantine at evanslabs.org
Sun Sep 17 06:42:03 UTC 2006

Sameera Shaakunthala wrote:
> What are the availeble colors for the GRUB boot loader?
> Although I have used the basic colors (such as red), the menu still appears in it's default color.
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The color option needs to have two or four colours, like

color cyan/blue white/blue


color cyan/blue

GRUB has built-in help in its console. Try running 'grub' on the command
line, and type help color for information on available colours and the
syntax of the command. You should even be able to try out colours when
booting by pressing c to go to the console, entering the commands, and
then pressing Esc to get back to the menu.


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