configure, make, make install in 64 bit 6.06 desktop

Bruce bcorbin at
Sun Sep 17 02:26:29 UTC 2006


A few weeks ago I installed 6.06 Desktop on an A64.  Nice package and 
easy to install. 

After a few hours I wanted something that I couldn't get by apt-get.  I 
think it may have been pony-prog but I don't recall for sure.  Whatever 
it was I downloaded the source and tried to do a ./configure, make, make 
install.  It didn't work.  After googling it seems that the ability to 
compile is not in the default desktop.  I tried more googling and tried 
apt-gets for make, install, gcc, and whatever seemed like a good idea 
from reading my google searches.  I couldn't get it to work and set it 
aside for a few weeks.

Now I would like to hit it again.  This seems like a common and straight 
forward task.  There probably is a very simple answer.  How do a do the 
./configure, make, make install sequence on a current destop?

Thank you,

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