Can't start Thunderbird and themes in Firefox look bad

Alexander Skwar listen at
Sat Sep 16 06:08:25 UTC 2006


Since this morning, all of a sudden, I cannot start thunderbird
anymore. When I start it, I get:

alexander at knospe:~$ mozilla-thunderbird
Segmentation fault

I also get this with a blank/new test user (ie. on the OS side).
This means, that this problem cannot be caused by some breakage
in the profile and also not by some settings in my OS user profile.

Further, for some reason, the themes in Firefox don't look right
anymore. Please have a look at

What you can see there, is how the theme *should* look like and
you see, that Firefox doesn't look like this at all.

Anyone got an idea why that is so?


Alexander Skwar
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