edgy: firefox/epiphany ssl issues

Scott geekboy at angrykeyboarder.com
Fri Sep 15 21:08:43 UTC 2006

Justin Kelly wrote:
> Thanks Constantine
> tried your suggestions but it didnt work,
> so i re-enabled the dapper repo uninstalled firefox/epiphany and then
> installed the dapper versions of both
> not the best option - was looking forward to using firefox 'bon echo'
> but at least i can use the internet now :)
> thanks for you help
> cheers
> justin

Actually Bon Echo (Firefox 2.1 Beta 1) is rather buggy.  Beta 2 is much 
better. And you can easily experience it now.

I'm the only user on my box so I just installed it in a subdirectory of 

I've got a "bin" directory for local installs of tarballed apps.

I had Firefox 2 Beta 2 running as I wrote this.

So you might try my method.:

	$ cd
	$ mkdir bin
	$ cd bin/
	$ wget 
	$ tar xzvf firefox-2.0b2.tar.gz
	$ rm firefox-2.0b2.tar.gz
	$ cd firefox

To be safe create, a new profile to use with this and leave the previous 
profile to use with the Ubuntu version.

	$ ./firefox -ProfileManager

Click the "Create Profile" button and take it from there.

I later copied all my stuff from my old profile into the new one once I 
got the new one up and running.

You'll need your plugins from the original Ubuntu Firefox Installation. 
  You can copy them to your ~/bin/firefox/plugins directory or do what I 
did. Add a symlink to the previously existing plugins directory.

	$ cd ~/bin/firefox
	$ rm -rf plugins
	$ sudo ln -s /var/lib/firefox/plugins/ /home/<user 

On a semi-related note, I highly recommend the Google Browser Sync 
extension.  This is one of many situations it can come in handy for.


I'm constantly playing around in situations like the above and I have 6 
different Operating Systems.  It comes in handy. :-)

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