Doesn't Linux have a decent usenet reader?

Agent86 ulist at
Fri Sep 15 02:39:26 UTC 2006

I was a Gravity user also, from when it was -Anawave- Gravity, then got
the discounted license when the development went to Microplanet (who
were guys from Anawave anyway, IIRC). I liked it for great text
handling and light-to-medium binary downloading - never could get into
Free Agent enough to want to upgrade to Agent.

When my usage balance shifted to heavier binary usage, I tried NewsBin
for a while because Gravity would often choke on the mega-header
groups. I finally found a home with Xnews, since it was relatively
speedy and saved partial binaries in a format acceptable to par/par2 -
the recent (for Xnews) update in 2005 helped with stability. So it runs
decently on my Celeron 333/Win 98SE combo, which is more or less a
dedicated Usenet machine.

But now I'm dual-booting with Xubuntu Dapper on this machine, and I'd
like to find a good Linux Usenet app suitable for heavy binary usage -
yes I know Xnews runs under Wine, but I don't want to run Wine at all,
and it might be too much for the poor Celery 333's heart anyway.

I want to avoid Gnome or KDE dependencies, because I need to keep
things as light as possible on the old creaky warhorse, so Pan is out.
So is there a good GTK/GTK2 based Usenet app that won't choke on the
mega-header groups?


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