Doesn't Linux have a decent usenet reader?

JimD jimdageek at
Fri Sep 15 03:00:38 UTC 2006

Agent86 wrote:

> I want to avoid Gnome or KDE dependencies, because I need to keep
> things as light as possible on the old creaky warhorse, so Pan is out.
> So is there a good GTK/GTK2 based Usenet app that won't choke on the
> mega-header groups?

You can try to compile pan your self and see if you can only enable GTK 
support (I haven't tried).

I was using pan for a while, including the new beta version rewrite. 
However I find that it still sucks up memory and news some work.

I use GrabIt (a windows only app) and run it under wine.  GrabIt is very 
lightweight and runs well under wine.

Give GrabIt a shot under wine, I think you will be surprised at how well 
it runs and how little resources you need.

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