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Wed Sep 6 17:57:50 UTC 2006

On 9/6/06, Gregory PiƱero <gregpinero at> wrote:
> On 9/6/06, Tod Merley <todbot88 at> wrote:
> > Your link (an Ubuntu community wiki) appears to indicate the
> > developers understand and are in the process of removing this problem
> > with priority.
> I made that wiki page, I'm hoping the developers notice it.  I'm not
> sure what else I can do to encourage them.
> > Ok, IDE (CD ROM - HDD) and SATA (HDD) do not work what is left.  Can
> > you boot from Flash?  Puppy Linux has an installer utility which makes
> > bootable pen drives super easy!  This would probably make a cheap
> > "proof of concept" (Puppy would fit on a 128MB drive).  Then to
> > consider a temporary external USB drive.  Actually, I really wish I
> > could afford one right now - slick device (Last time I checked $60.00
> > for 200GB on special - same day my daughter convinced me she needed a
> > camcorder "you could use too Dad")..
> >
> > Once you have it installed you can "record" the log files, look at the
> > output of many hardware related utilities, and pipe all the info to
> > your bug report perhaps helping the developers understand exactly what
> > they need to look at to make the chipset work.
> >
> > The dual core and related new chipsets are kind of "bleeding edge"
> > right now.  It is also probably the place you will find our Linux
> > developers sweating out the day.
> >
> > May your wait for a fix to this be short!
> The issue for me should just be the IDE problem.  So for the short
> term I bought an IDE to SATA adaptor and I'll give that a try.
> -Greg
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Hi again Greg!

I hope I am wrong.  From the first paragraph of your link in the last e-mail:

"So If you have and IDE drive or HDD left you will not be able to use it."

Other comments from that link indicate that the problem was fixed in
the newest Kernels -but - ya gotta do the install from an image with
the old Kernel.  Kind of a chicken and egg delema.

This might be a reasonable time to try a beta release!

>From (left side and news center new releases!):

# September 1 release of Edgy Eft Knot-2 (Ubuntu 6.10)

If the flash idea works I suppose you could:

1. Borrow a USB CD and USB HDD and use to install on the USB HDD.  If
the USB CD did not work you might well be able to do a network install
as mentioned at the bottom of your link:

# So we are looking at the same link -

# Information on doing network install -

2. Update!  You get a brand new Kernel when you do!!

3. Move the partitions on the USB HDD to the now working and formatted
SATA drive (probably using parted).

4. Take your "owner of the USB" stuff to dinner and celebrate!

Have Fun!


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