New System - Hanging on Install

Gregory PiƱero gregpinero at
Wed Sep 6 17:09:33 UTC 2006

On 9/6/06, Tod Merley <todbot88 at> wrote:
> Your link (an Ubuntu community wiki) appears to indicate the
> developers understand and are in the process of removing this problem
> with priority.

I made that wiki page, I'm hoping the developers notice it.  I'm not
sure what else I can do to encourage them.

> Ok, IDE (CD ROM - HDD) and SATA (HDD) do not work what is left.  Can
> you boot from Flash?  Puppy Linux has an installer utility which makes
> bootable pen drives super easy!  This would probably make a cheap
> "proof of concept" (Puppy would fit on a 128MB drive).  Then to
> consider a temporary external USB drive.  Actually, I really wish I
> could afford one right now - slick device (Last time I checked $60.00
> for 200GB on special - same day my daughter convinced me she needed a
> camcorder "you could use too Dad")..
> Once you have it installed you can "record" the log files, look at the
> output of many hardware related utilities, and pipe all the info to
> your bug report perhaps helping the developers understand exactly what
> they need to look at to make the chipset work.
> The dual core and related new chipsets are kind of "bleeding edge"
> right now.  It is also probably the place you will find our Linux
> developers sweating out the day.
> May your wait for a fix to this be short!

The issue for me should just be the IDE problem.  So for the short
term I bought an IDE to SATA adaptor and I'll give that a try.


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