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Waqas Toor waqasnasirtoor at
Mon Sep 4 11:32:26 UTC 2006

Thanks tod
i guess its the problem with my hardware ... or some other issue ... i
am unable to fine sda device in my ubuntu LTS 6.06
when i see mtab it has an entry

procbususb  /proc/bus/usb/001 some thing :-S
now when i mount procbususb still it mounts but no usb mount point or
some procbususb mount point i dont know about
when i manully mount /proc/bus/usb/001 to my /mnt directory i get
these two files
001 and 002
but no sda 1 or sda2 devices
strange i know becuase other distros load it easily at sda but ubuntu
is acting like this ... any idea ???
ill try to send you the complete output :)


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