Saving "youtube" videos to disk ??

José Paulo Matafome Oleiro matafomeoleiro at
Tue Nov 28 01:39:07 UTC 2006

On Monday, 27 de November de 2006 20:27, Vincent Trouilliez wrote:
> Hello,
> I was wondering if anybody knew a way to save the videos you can find
> on "youtube", to disk ?
> Thing is, a Windows fan, friend of mine, when I sent him a link to this
> funny video: , said: "too
> bad you can't save it to disk!".
> So, I would love to come back to him with said video attached and say,
> "see, Penguins can do it !! :o) " ...
> I did a quick search on google and found a python script, which managed
> to retrieve the data from the website, and write a video file to the
> computer, but sadly, although the video itself looks fine... there is
> no sound to be heard :o(
> Anybody has managed to it, successfully ? I welcome any
> suggestions ! :-)
> --
> Vince

You can use video downloader extension for Firefox. Works perfectly. Save the 
movie file as movie.flv for example (use the entenxionx flv). After that use 
mencoder to encode de file as AVI for example.

José Paulo Matafome Oleiro aka Matafome ( - at #computers)
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