fast-user-applet not working in edgy

Martin Ericsson at
Mon Nov 27 20:52:00 UTC 2006

There seems to be something wrong with fast-user-switch in edgy. If I
log in as user #1, switch to user #2 (with fast-user-switch) and then
try to change back to user #1, I just get a black screen. The same
thing happens when I try to switch by using CTRL-ALT-F7 to switch back
to the first user.

Right now I have changed my umask to 007 and told add-user that I
don't want to create users with world readable home directories
(dpkg-reconfigure adduser -p medium). But I have tried to remove all
users, deleted their home directories, changed umask to 022, adduser
to create world readable home directories, rebooted and recreated the
users. But I still have problem with fast-user-switch.

I'm also using   915resolution to fix the resolution on my
widescreeen, but I don't think that should affect anything.

Does anyone know how to fix or at least debug this?

btw: Thanks for all help I've gotten from this list. I try to thank
everyone who helps me, but I'm sure I've forgotten someone. So THANKS!


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