When will we have a clipboard that works?

Erik Christiansen erik at dd.nec.com.au
Wed Nov 22 05:43:29 UTC 2006

On Wed, Nov 22, 2006 at 04:01:26PM +1100, Cameron Hutchison wrote:
> Have you guys tried to do it the windows way? It does work. You select
> text, copy it to the clipboard (i.e. ctrl-C), highlight the part of the
> URL you want to replace, and paste (ctrl-V).
> That works.
> The selection thing is just _another_ way of doing it, and technically
> is not the clipboard.

Firefox is pretty much the only GUI app that I use. Selection works fine
for me while I remain in xterms and mutt, because I paste into vim's
Insert Mode. (No Ctrl-anything. ;)

> Under X, you have a clipboard _and_ a selection. The selection can be
> very useful for quick copy'n'paste, but you can still use the clipboard
> too.
> Where you may have problems is with older apps like xterm, which do not
> not seem to work well with the clipboard. Newer programs like
> gnome-terminal or konsole should work ok with it.

Yes, that's where I spend my day. Whether it was because gnome-terminal
fails to source ~/.bashrc, as well as its failure to take -bg and -fg
options (to set background and foreground colours), eludes me at the
moment, but it seemed to be a dead loss, compared to xterm, when I tried
it half a year ago. 

If firefox had a "Clear" button on the url window, the problem would go
away. (I just looked up how to start ooffice, and tried a paste to it.
That's OK, because insert is fine there.)

A firefox fix would be enough, I think. :-))


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