When will we have a clipboard that works?

Cameron Hutchison camh at xdna.net
Wed Nov 22 05:01:26 UTC 2006

Erik Christiansen wrote:

>On Wed, Nov 22, 2006 at 09:17:06AM +0700, Chanchao wrote:
>> I would also like to ditch the old 'X' type auto-copy of stuff when
>> selecting things.   This is just evil, like try to paste a URL or Google
>> search term into Firefox.. to delete whatever was in there, most people
>> would select it and then paste.. but in selecting it, it replaces the
>> clipboard contents.
>> That's just nuts.  

>It is indescribably and unbelievably perverse, and the greatest bane of
>the *nix world. (And doubtless the cause of much muttered  profanity.)

Have you guys tried to do it the windows way? It does work. You select
text, copy it to the clipboard (i.e. ctrl-C), highlight the part of the
URL you want to replace, and paste (ctrl-V).

That works.

The selection thing is just _another_ way of doing it, and technically
is not the clipboard.

Under X, you have a clipboard _and_ a selection. The selection can be
very useful for quick copy'n'paste, but you can still use the clipboard

Where you may have problems is with older apps like xterm, which do not
not seem to work well with the clipboard. Newer programs like
gnome-terminal or konsole should work ok with it.

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