When will we have a clipboard that works?

Cameron Hutchison camh at xdna.net
Wed Nov 22 11:27:52 UTC 2006

Erik Christiansen wrote:
>On Wed, Nov 22, 2006 at 04:01:26PM +1100, Cameron Hutchison wrote:
>> Have you guys tried to do it the windows way? It does work. You select
>> text, copy it to the clipboard (i.e. ctrl-C), highlight the part of the
>> URL you want to replace, and paste (ctrl-V).
>> That works.
>> The selection thing is just _another_ way of doing it, and technically
>> is not the clipboard.

>Firefox is pretty much the only GUI app that I use. Selection works fine
>for me while I remain in xterms and mutt, because I paste into vim's
>Insert Mode. (No Ctrl-anything. ;)

Did you know you can middle-click on a page in firefox and it will load
the the URL that is in the selection buffer? Thats how I interface
between xterm and Firefox (Epiphany now) when I want to paste a URL.
You've also got a much bigger mouse target that way.

What you can do in xterm is to set the selectToClipboard resource. I
just tested this, and I can select some text in xterm, go to Epiphany,
select the URL and press Ctrl-V and it replaces the selected URL with
what you've selected in the xterm. You can temporarily turn on
selectToClipboard by Ctrl-middle-clicking in the xterm and picking it
from the menu.

>A firefox fix would be enough, I think. :-))

I can't see any way to fix that in firefox. As soon as you select any
text in firefox, you have to blow away the previous selection. Because
that's what the selection is. You need xterm to put the selection into a
different buffer.

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