Giving up on Edgy

failover failover at
Mon Nov 20 16:56:22 UTC 2006

ubuntu-users-request at wrote:
> IMHO, I think this discussion has gone beyond being productive. Can't
> we just drop it and get back to doing something positive instead?

>No offense, but I'm starting to resent that all the time some
>subscribers to ubuntu-users try to tell other subscribers what not to
>discuss. I agree that discussions that are not "Ubuntu user technical
>support" should go to sounder, but this thread IMHO still is in the
>technical realm, and the question whether to use Edgy or Dapper and
>under what circumstances is certainly a support question. 

>Whether it is still productive is IMHO in the eye of the beholder, which
>is why mail readers have filters. Why don't you filter and automatically
>delete the thread?

None taken since I'm entitled to my opinion as well as you are entitled to yours, besides it's a little hard filtering in digest mode. :-)



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