Giving up on Edgy

Chanchao custom at
Mon Nov 20 08:14:06 UTC 2006

Adriano Varoli Piazza wrote:

>> So going forward, for future releases that are in the Edgy-realm of
>> stability, it could be good to name those 'xxxxxxxx'-releases, where
>> 'xxxxxxx' is a word the marketing people come up with that infers that
>> it's more suitable for enthousiasts & experienced users and less
>> suitable to roll out in your business, school or organization.
> You mean like "Edgy" (on the edge, sharp edges, plenty of images that
> convey exactly that meaning come to mind)? :)

Yes, exactly.  So actually can keep using 'Edgy' not just as the name of 
this version, but also all future versions that slightly iffy. :)

> Some humble ;) suggestions:
> Loco Lizard
> X-treme Xenomorph
> Zany Zebra
> Advanced Antelope
> Pick your own! :)

There's a wiki page out there that lists all the proposed names.  Then 
hundreds of people add their own creative ideas and debate them at 
lenght.  After that, Mark Shuttleworth just picks something else 
entirely. :)


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