Uninstalling KDE on Dapper

Nikolai psalmos at swissinfo.org
Mon Nov 20 11:07:30 UTC 2006

Eamonn Sullivan wrote:

> I recently had to do the same thing on two PCs. The easiest way I
> found was to use Synaptic and uninstall whatever version of kdelibs
> you have.

I have thought about it, problem is though, I wanted to keep some KDE 
stuff which I can't live without (e.g k3b, k9copy, kpdf, korganizer 
etc). I ended up reinstalling from scratch, took this as an opportunity 
to come up with a nicer hard disk layout for I hope I'll upgrade 
eventually to something as good as Dapper some time next year. Well, 
live and learn as they say :-)

As an aside, I wasn't impressed at all by KDE, I used to use it 
exclusively on Mandrake and loved it but as of now, Gnome suits me much 

Thanks for all the help.


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