Uninstalling KDE on Dapper

Chanchao custom at freenet.de
Tue Nov 21 02:43:12 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-11-20 at 21:07 +1000, Nikolai wrote:

> > I recently had to do the same thing on two PCs. The easiest way I
> > found was to use Synaptic and uninstall whatever version of kdelibs
> > you have.

LEAVE THEM!  They don't impede your happiness.  And cool software is
around that uses it.  

I've completely resigned in the fact that ANY Linux distro/desktop
environment WILL eventually include libraries from all the other
environments out there.   

The desire to keep your installation somehow 'clean' or 'pure' is an
unnatural psychological glitch in many people's brains; your hardware
honestly doesn't care.

Life is easier that way.  Ubuntu is not a pedigree dog you have to keep
pure.  Spotty bastards are more productive.

let go.


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