Linux and Open Source... What is still missing?

Mon Nov 20 05:46:08 UTC 2006

Thanks for your reply. Your point is well taken. By the time your reply came 
I could install the Compiler and compile the Mplayer. 
Though I do not hope to download and compile many codes. My major 
issue is that I use my Linux installation without Internet (Many would do 
it as a forced situation). In such a situation when i try to download 
an indivudual .deb (Binary) files from the archive I find that it takes 
lot of efforts and time to resolve the dependancies issues. Many times I have to 
leave without the software which I was looking for. 
My most loved VLC media player is not on my Linux for the same reason. 
I have to gather lot of courage to restart the process of getting it. 

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