Linux and Open Source... What is still missing?

Christofer C. Bell christofer.c.bell at
Thu Nov 23 04:26:41 UTC 2006

On 11/19/06, YAGNESH N DESAI <ynd at> wrote:
>  Though I do not hope to download and compile many codes. My major
>  issue is that I use my Linux installation without Internet (Many would do
>  it as a forced situation). In such a situation when i try to download
>  an indivudual .deb (Binary) files from the archive I find that it takes
>  lot of efforts and time to resolve the dependancies issues. Many times I
> have to
>  leave without the software which I was looking for.

I do believe this was Matt's major reasoning for installing the
compiler tools out of the box, to support the building of network
drivers for systems where the networking hardware was not supported by
the default installation for whatever reason.


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