gtkpod - iPod recommendations requested

Mike nowhereman.777 at
Wed Nov 15 18:47:30 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-11-15 at 10:17 -0500, Stephen Brown Jr wrote:
> >I was wondering if any of you have experience using an iPod with
> Linux?
> Yes
> >Is gtkpod a good program? 
> Yes and works well with my experience
> >Can it damage the iPod? 
> No, not that I am aware of anyhow 
> >Can you use iTunes store(for online mp3 purchases) with Linux?
> No, Apple's songs are DRM protected, and you will not be able to play
> them under linux without iTunes. Some people have had succes using
> iTunes under wine, but I'm not sure about what version or issues they
> may have had. 
> >Are there any other programs you can recommend other than or in
> addition to gtkpod?
> I personally like Amarok, it's for KDE, but does work in Gnome. sudo
> apt-get install amarok will install it and the libraries it needs 
> I have a 5th gen 30gb iPod that I bought last year and so far I have
> had no issues using it under linux. Something else worth looking into
> would be running linux on the iPod itself, it is doable, and won't
> make any permanent changes to your iPod. I haven't gotten around to
> trying it yet, but looks like it adds a lot of features:
> Hope that helps :) 

Thanks very much for the info. I use Amarok as my primary music player
on my PC. I didn't realize it could interface with an iPod. That's good
to know. 

Thanks again!

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