File Server and Raid

Richard Brown rich at
Tue Nov 14 06:23:41 UTC 2006


On 14/11/06, Richard Brown <rich at> wrote:
> I have tried set-up the disk for raid array but keep coming across
> problems. The system keeps saying I don't have a / root area.
> Basically I set-up the disks like this:
> 10 gb / bootable raid
> 1 gb swap
> 239 gb /home raid
> The problem was that it did not recognise the bootable root partition
> and kept saying there is no root partition.
> In the end I did this:
> 10 gb / bootable
> 1 gb swap
> 239 gb /home raid
> 10 gb /temp
> 1 gb swap
> 239 gb /home raid
After doing this the system booted but I couldn't see the full screen.
I am using a 19" flat screen and it hadn't set the system up so I
could see the full monitor. basically this meant I couldn't see the
bottom and the left hand side of the monitor. Is there anyway of
correcting this please?

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