G Rajesh ganesanrajesh at gmail.com
Sun Nov 12 11:24:25 UTC 2006

Scott J. Henson wrote:
> What exactly are you looking for?  Exactly like kontact's
> but within gnome?  What features would you like it to have?
>  Just be able to associate some entry with a date?  Does it
> need to do that automagically?  Do you want it to associate
> itself with projects?  Can it be web based?  Like use
> livejournal with all entries set to private?  A good place
> to start would be the following site.
> http://gnomefiles.org/subcategory.php?sub_cat_id=73

Yes, Sir. Something like Kontact's but within gnome.
It is enough if I could associate some entries with date, though need 
not automagically. It need not be web based too.
Thaks for your link. But, why have not cire, ejourn, monodiary, etc not 
packaged for ubuntu? I am not ready to compile, build or package them. 
Is these packages available in .deb format so that I can try them?
Thank you.

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