rsync for dummies (or how to rsync a dvd image from

Scott geekboy at
Sat Nov 11 07:04:16 UTC 2006

drew einhorn spake thusly on 11/10/2006 06:45 PM:
> I live on a slow ISDN line, best I can get from Qworst.

I didn't realize anybody had ISDN anymore (at least not in the US). DSL
or Cable is almost always equal to or less than the cost of ISDN and
much faster.
> The following ran for about 15 hours and just finished.
> rsync -vvPz
> rsync://
> .
> shortening the command to:
> rsync -vvPz rsync://
> gets you a directory listing.  Don't see a dvd image in this directory
> so you
> may have to hunt around. 

That's because the DVDs are on a different server (or address anyway).

The HTTP URL to what I want is:

The HTTP URL to what you got (but via RSYNC) is

It's MD5 Hash is e8fb95d2f17699f31e660a5e530e2fe5 (if you want to see if
were talking the same thing here with regard to what you downloaded).

I'm thinking that perhaps the server doesn't offer
rsync.  I know it's both HTTP and FTP as I've used it both ways before.

Perhaps somebody else reading this has a bright idea. :-)


> There really should a page somewhere that descibes the many variant
> download
> techniques that are supported, but not documented anywhere I have found.

Well I know for a fact that somebody somewhere on a (K)Ubuntu mailing
list (or web forum) said something like "you should use rsync to update
your CD (DVD?) image.  But that's all that was said. The author assumed
the person knew how to do that.

> Yes you will have to rename your file to match what's on the server.

The name is actually the same now.  That apparently changed since I
checked a week or so ago.

> Don't know if the two versions of the file are close enough to be fixed
> up by rsync.

> Would probably be better to make a local copy instead of renaming.

I did that already. I did it before I tried it previously in case I
botched the rsync and messed up my only copy.

> Be sure to check the md5sum after running rsync to see if all went well.

Indeed.  :-)

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