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On 11/11/06, Scott <geekboy at> wrote:
> drew einhorn spake thusly on 11/10/2006 06:45 PM:
> >
> > I live on a slow ISDN line, best I can get from Qworst.
> I didn't realize anybody had ISDN anymore (at least not in the US). DSL
> or Cable is almost always equal to or less than the cost of ISDN and
> much faster.

Hard to find a  telco worse than Qwest, hence Qworst.

> The HTTP URL to what you got (but via RSYNC) is
> It's MD5 Hash is e8fb95d2f17699f31e660a5e530e2fe5 (if you want to see if
> were talking the same thing here with regard to what you downloaded).

That's it!

I'm thinking that perhaps the server doesn't offer
> rsync.  I know it's both HTTP and FTP as I've used it both ways before.
> Perhaps somebody else reading this has a bright idea. :-)


   rsync rsync://

And you will see that it answers with a "sort of" directory listing.

then try:

  rsync rsync://
  rsync rsync://
  rsync rsync://

Aha, now I see it. Let's add some options and the current directory to the
command line,
See: man rsync for the details

  rsync -vvPz rsync:// .

doubling the -v gets extra verbose output.  The -P saves the partial result
if you have
to kill it because rsync is eating all your bandwidth and other folks need
to get
some work done, too!.

The -z compresses the traffic.  I need all the help I can get.

Another collection of options may make more sense for you.

Drew Einhorn
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