Icons in menu bar

Eamonn Sullivan eamonn.sullivan at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 11:33:30 UTC 2006

On 11/7/06, Mike Hore <mike_hore at aapt.net.au> wrote:
> Hi Sebastian and Eamonn,
> Ah, you haven't seen my post in the Mac PPC Users' forum.  I have a
> one-button mouse.  I can't right-click, and so far nobody's told me how
> to!!!

Ah, sorry. My current iMac uses a "supermouse" or whatever that's
called -- with the little ball on the top. Perhaps the usual
substitutes work, like Option-Click or Command-Click? One of the
Apple-only keys. Next would be to try Ctrl or shift click.

Sorry I can't be more help. I don't have any one-button mice around to
try. I bet there is a setting under Preferences that controls how you
right-click, but I would be surprised if the Ubuntu developers haven't
thought of this already. I bet there's a sensible default setting.


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