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Mike Hore mike_hore at aapt.net.au
Tue Nov 7 11:07:58 UTC 2006

Hi Sebastian and Eamonn,

Ah, you haven't seen my post in the Mac PPC Users' forum.  I have a  
one-button mouse.  I can't right-click, and so far nobody's told me  
how to!!!

Cheers,  Mike.

On 07/11/2006, at 6:18 PM, sebastien wrote:

> remove it. Rightclick on your menubar. Select add to the menubar...  
> and
> then Create a personalised launcher and select the icon you want in  
> the
> dedicated directory /usr/share/pixmaps.
> On Tue, 07
> Nov 2006 17:13:51 +0930 Mike Hore <mike_hore at aapt.net.au> wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> Does anyone know how I could change the little Evolution icon in the
>> menu bar to point to Thunderbird instead?
>> TIA,  Mike.
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