Amarok and other sound problems

Rosalind Mitchell info at
Wed Nov 1 09:22:02 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 31 October 2006 21:24, Daniel T. Chen wrote:
> This is due to most audio usability progress, at least in Ubuntu, being
> targeted toward GNOME.

Which is a shame really.  I have tried very hard to love GNOME over the years 
but it was only when I first got Ubuntu last summer that I found a GNOME that 
didn't give me a lot of heartache (and headaches!)

Eventually I reverted to KDE because I like using Kate for development and 
because Kontact as a PIM knocks Evolution into the proverbial cocked hat.

> Was RealPlayer running (meaning open) when you started Amarok? If so,
> you'll need to wrap RealPlayer using the aoss script in the alsa-oss
> package (in universe):  aoss realplay   [presuming you use the realplay
> package from the dapper-commercial repository]

I was already using aoss for RP as a result of an earlier thread - the only 
way I could get RP to route through the headset.  It didn't seem to help with 
the Amarok problem.  All right - so long as I remember to undock Amarok 
before I power down I'll have to live with it.  Thanks for the advice.

> > Under Gnome I could set the headset as default soundcard - I can't seem
> > to find a way of doing this in KDE.
> KMix doesn't yet provide this functionality. Note that the GNOME utility
> actually invokes the asoundconf(1) python script backend. Use asoundconf
> set-default-card to configure that.

While I'm here - I used KMix to solve my volume problem, but each time I 
restart the ALSA settings revert to the low-volume.  I don't seem to be able 
to save the defaults.

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