ubuntu burn-in for new computer?

Scott J. Henson scotth at csee.wvu.edu
Tue Mar 28 16:42:58 UTC 2006

taeb wrote:
> I've been using ubuntu for a while onan old Mac, but decided I had to
> have an Intel machine for it.  My wife and I assembled one this past
> Sunday, and I installed Breezy and Dapper-flt5 on it with virtually no
> problems.  Runs like a charm, and everything seems to have been found
> right off the bat.
> Now I would like to do a burn-in by running it pretty hard for an
> extended time.  Is there a package that does this, or does one just
> compile everything in sight?
There are several ways to do this.  There used to be a package in debian
named satan, but it tended to really break machines.  So you really
don't want to use that.  I would recommend a couple of things.  First to
test your hard drive and such I would recommend bonnie++.  To test out
your ram I would go with memtest86 which you can currently access from
the grub boot menu.  Then if you really want to thrash your system
compiling a large c++ app will ussually do that.  Blender, any large
part of kde will do.  And the like.  There are other network tests that
you might want to run, but I'm not really familiar with them and they
usually require multiple machines. 

Also you might want to try playing some 3-d intensive games with dri
disabled.  That always got my machine nice and hot. 

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