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> though I realize a few regulars in the ubuntu mailing lists have a
> personal thing against me, I am posting this to remove a few misgivings
> about Automatix.
> 1) Automatix does not use --force-yes
> 2) It gives the user the option to retain his/her sources.list at the
> end.
> I dont mind criticism of my work but atleast it should be
> well-informed... and as for personal dislike, I dont give two hoots
> about that.
> -Arnie
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> arnieboy
It would seem that someone has made a tool that others are failing to
appreciate. It apparently has worked for quite a few people. A few
months ago on this list people were raving about it. Instead of dumping
on the person that built it how about offering to help make it better.

I saw a link to a comparison chart ..That's good. It makes the point
that the other tool was made by a group of people. Good too.  If you
don't like the tool in either case you don't have to install it.

There NEEDS to be better tools and more tools that are GUI based.

There are millions of people who will use computers that have no more
interest in using the command line than they do in rebuilding their
toaster or television. I don't use automatix, never probably will, but I
don't expect everyone who uses a computer to learn everything I have
since I put a Tandy Model 1 together and the original apple kit. 

Computers are an appliance to many not the holy grail.

Even the guide and Unnoficial Guide need to start being written to do as
much as possible from the GUI if Ubuntu is going to be aimed at everyday

Personally I try to do everything I can from the GUI so I can help
people that are clueless on a cli to be able to migrate to Linux.

If it is desirable for Linux and/or Ubuntu to become usable for the
mainstream computer owner We need to get our head out of our butts. Look
at the Guide and Unnoficial Guide.

Let's take a look at dial up:
 Find me a regular consumer type that is going to use the published way
get dial up working.

They'll get dialup working fine...after throwing the Ubuntu CD in the
drawer. (or circular file)

Tell them how to do it WITH THE GUI

tell them How to use synaptic or adept to get a program Skip the APT Get
except for support when things go wrong.

It is entirely within the realm of possibility that stumbling on Arnie's
program has caused some to be able to get their DVDs working on Ubuntu
instead of trashing it and Putting the Old win98 Win ME or such CD in
one more computer and buying Cyber DVD or something.

That's good, so suggestions how to make his program better might be in

AND BTW to the list in general: get off the "Grandma" thing. I've been
one...three times.
I've also got a few degrees and can fly jets too. Probably learn to do a
few more tings before I get dementia  :-)

Bryann Melvin

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