Yuki Cuss celtic at
Tue Mar 28 08:53:09 UTC 2006

> I have just one question:
> I have never seen my grandma cuz I was not fortunate enough.. but what
> if she were alive and were installing ubuntu and the ubuntu installer
> crashed while repartitioning her hard drive? what would she be left
> with? any inputs Daniel? or will she still try and sound the linux
> expert u really could never manage to become?
> -- 
> arnieboy

Stop trying to *elude* the *valid* points that people bring up and just
*reply* to everyone already! Will you stop just *attacking people*?

This is not an attack on *you,* but your *manner.* If you reply to the
email by Reinhard Tartler and give *valid* responses to his questions,
*without* an attack on him, then I'll very happy and have quite a bit
more faith in you.

If you reply to Daniel Carrera's three points and *apologise,* then I
think that everyone's view on you might improve a significant bit. Your
reply to more valid points above is absolutely disgusting.

Merely touting your program's download counts isn't a valid reply to
concerns about security. Come on, please.

 - Yuki.

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