vncserver works fine, but how to I start an app?

Andy Anderson opus at
Fri Mar 24 16:03:26 UTC 2006

Duncan Anderson wrote:

> On Friday, 24 March 2006 15:48, Andy Anderson wrote:
>>I installed vncserver on Ubuntu 5.10, and it works fine, but
>>when I connect to it with a viewer it just gives me a blank
>>X screen.  I suspect that I need to feed vncserver the
>>equivalent of an .initrc file.  If that is correct, how
>>is that done?
> Well, one way is to ssh into the machine, then set the DISPLAY variable to 
> correspond with the VNC display, then run the windowmanager of your choice, 
> or an individual client, whatever you prefer. Maybe run xterm and then take 
> it from there. I normally just run WindowMaker and proceed from there. You 
> could run sawfish or metacity or whatever. 

I'll give that a try - sounds like it should work.  However, I'd
really like it to be more "automatic" than that.  What I need
to do is set up an Ubuntu machine with 3 or 4 vncservers running
so that a few Windows users can use a viewer to run an app on
the Ubuntu box (all I really need to do is get one app to start
in the vncviewer automatically).

Thanks for you time and suggestion.

Andy Anderson
Salisbury, MD, USA

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