Not a bash, just the facts

Loïc Martin lomartin3 at
Thu Mar 23 15:01:49 UTC 2006

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Loïc Martin wrote:
>> I think I must be having visions or we're talking about to different
>> things. For me, installing Sun's has always been faster on Ubuntu than
>> on Windows : open Synaptic, do a search for "java" (name and
>> description) then install j2re1.4 and the j2re that also has in the name
>> "mozilla-plugin". Then just accept the license agreement that pops up.
> That's the easy way - but it isn't in the default sources.list.  You need to
> enable at least universe (though I think it's multiverse).  That's where
> the "it must be easier" part comes in :-)  Because of the legal issues, we
> can't expect Ubuntu to enable those repositories by default, but it would
> be nice if it was clearly explained, early on in the install process, what
> you would need to get some of these packages.
OTOH, it's simpler than going to Sun's site and dl/installing manually 
(be it on Windows or Linux) and saves a lot of time over Windows method. 
For the universe/multiverse repositories, it's true it could be  
explained better for newbies, and that should be taken care for Dapper 
or at worst Dapper+1 (just a documentation thing, and discussions on 
ubuntu-dev shows ppl are aware of the matter). But once you've enabled 
them, everything becomes far simpler than on Windows (and enabling them 
is a breeze too). I'd just like to point out that unlike what some 
misinformed PC magazines would like us to believe, anyone that had to 
install Windows can easily realise how Linux distributions are far 
simpler to install, set up and use. A few things has to be learnt 
(permissions and mounting of partitions/cd/floppies), but far less than 
a total newbie has to learn if he's using Windows (I've done the test, 
and giving newbies Linux can be far easier on you than advising them to 
use Windows).

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