Installing base system using debootstrap

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Wed Mar 22 16:35:19 UTC 2006

To get the server install you need to type server at the boot promt or
edit the cfg file used to boot.  I am using the pxelinux.0 and
pxelinux.cfg script on my tftp server.  I only want the server version
to install and have tried to make it an automated process.  Here is the
cfg file.

The append line should be 1 line.. no more than 8 parameters or the
kernel will panic.  The one that seems to make it a server is:


with nothing after the =

Good luck and I hope this is helpfull

display ubuntu-installer/i386/boot-screens/syslinux.txt

default linux

F1 ubuntu-installer/i386/boot-screens/f1.txt

F2 ubuntu-installer/i386/boot-screens/f2.txt

F3 ubuntu-installer/i386/boot-screens/f3.txt

F4 ubuntu-installer/i386/boot-screens/f4.txt

F5 ubuntu-installer/i386/boot-screens/f5.txt

F6 ubuntu-installer/i386/boot-screens/f6.txt

F7 ubuntu-installer/i386/boot-screens/f7.txt

F8 ubuntu-installer/i386/boot-screens/f8.txt

F9 ubuntu-installer/i386/boot-screens/f9.txt

F0 ubuntu-installer/i386/boot-screens/f10.txt

label linux

kernel ubuntu-installer/i386/linux

append  base-config/package-selection=
debian-installer/locale=en_US kbd-chooser/method=us
netcfg/choose_interface=eth0 initrd=ubuntu-installer/i386/initrd.gz
ramdisk_size=16432 root=/dev/rd/0 rw  --

prompt 0

timeout 0


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