[Dapper] Bug at a laptop's lid closure

Loïc Martin lomartin3 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 20:11:41 UTC 2006

I've been seeing a regression the past few days : when I close my 
laptop, then open it again after a while, the login (the one that shows 
after the screen has been locked) is about half way to the left, and the 
after I enter my password the screen goes blank (all black) and I don't 
even have access to the console.

I'm using an Inspiron 8200 with an nvidia geforce 440 Go (or was it 420? 
the one with 32M ram), using the open drivers (proprietary one doesn't 
install well in Dapper nor in Breezy, see bug #33075 in 
linux-restricted-modules-2.6.15 nvidia-glx 

Which package should I file a bug against : gnome-screensaver, a gnome 
power management app (what's its name?) or nvidia Xorg free driver?

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