Modem on Breazy Badger

j Mak joz_mak at
Sun Mar 19 02:36:03 UTC 2006

                                        Hi Rein,
    These are problematic modems. I tried them too with no luck. Then I just bought a brand new one with Intel 536EP chip-set; it works like charm. You can download the driver from the Intel website. There is a step by step installation guide on Ubuntu modem installation wiki-page that even a child can follow.  And the modem is only 20 bucks.
    J. Mak

Rein Mann <reica at> wrote: Henk Koster> writes:

> The Lucent WinModem requires a special Debian driver package, available
> from for the installed
> kernel. If such a package is not available, then the driver source code
> must first be downloaded, compiled, and packaged.
Thanks Henk,
Very useful information. I have downloaded the .deb file or the right kernel.
The device /dev/ttyLTMO is now there.
In /etc/modem ltserial has been added and is automatically loaded at bootup
ltserial               10160  0
ltmodem               565872  1 ltserial

But....the modem is still not responding.
Where would I look next?

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