php5-mcrypt in breezy/dapper

Adam Conrad adconrad at
Sun Mar 12 09:20:10 UTC 2006

Jochen Kaechelin wrote:
> Ok, my question was misunderstood.  I would like to know why they do not 
> include this essential package? And why to they not include php5-mysqli but 
> mysql-server-5.x?? mysql-server-5-x is nice due to it's great new features 
> but how to usw without the php5-mysqli package?

MySQL 5.0 works fine with php5-mysql, it's a myth that you need the
mysqli API to interact with a MySQL 5.0 server.  That said, I could look
at getting a feature freeze exception to add mysqli as, to be honest, I
pretty much "just forgot" to turn it on when we switched to using the
MySQL 5.0 libraries with PHP (it couldn't be used at all when we used
the older libraries)

... Adam

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